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SatoshiYoga is coming to town - I publish, this time, mostly in English

Daniel Dimanche février 19, 2023

I publish, this time, mostly in English

Hello everyone. Hope your doing fine. I'm OK.


I haven't written in English on my Space for quite some time. Why is that? Dunno. Why now? Because I want to announce something I consider to be of importance, i.e. the integration of coming soon.

AND before, here is another announcement in regards to Twitter

Satoshi.Yoga is on Twitter Blue

What the heck is Twitter Blue some may ask? When Elon Musk purchased Twitter (for 24 billion by the way for those who did not know :-), he launched a paid (8$US per month) subscription so that we can be recognized as 'authentic' 'traceable' so that all fake automated posts can slowly but surely be eliminated. In other words, when a post is sent on Twitter that seems suspicious and doesn't 'fit with the Twitter policy' the post doesn't even get seen. More info about their Web 3.0 solution can be found pretty much everywhere along with information on Twitter about data settings rationalization or on If your into Twitter at one level or another, please make sure to follow me and the Satoshi.Yoga magazine via this hashtag: @YogaSatoshi

The integration of Satoshi.Yoga

The big picture is to integrate Satoshi.Yoga and make yogapartout a multilingual web ecosystem. I have talked about it in the past (see footnote urls) in french one way or another.

Why integrate English to YogaPartout

According to internet world stats, it is known that the French speaking population on the internet is approximately 60 millions. See the survey below statistic made in 2010 compared to + 235 millions for the english crowd.


It is the normal tendency wanting to reach that audience, isn't it!

Therefore, do look forward to a real integration of YogaPartout with Satoshi.Yoga

Who will benefit from this 'transformation'

Most of the upgrade will be invisible to the common eyes. Yet, we're talking about a major upgrade of the 'Tiki Wiki Groupware' ecosystem moving from version 21 to 24 at speed light. Functionalities like 'WYSIWYG' for new pages created and the make an integrated 'Slide Show' on the fly passing by 'images presentation improvements' plugins are among the most noticeable functions with this upgrade.

Who triggered this idea

Simply said Babaji him/herself

English and French will have their own RSS channel and Automatism will be at the Rendez-vous

Thanks to 'Marshall Satchidanana Govindan' of the Babaji Kriya Yoga group for putting me to the challenge. Challenge of what? The challenge of having a multilingual web site was simple to say and difficult to accomplish. What the Babaji Group needed is going to be utterly possible. Their blog posts will be shipped through RSS feeds with an automatic system. That automatism will deliver the first post on day zero for their new subsribers while those long term registered users will receive the lastest news on the day the news will be deposited in their group. On one hand to the English readers will reach the English speaking readers and on the other hand the French channel will receive French content via their own RSS Feed.

Who else


Gopinath Dass - Guy Tétrault

The idea was also triggered by Gopinath Dass, a Bakthi devotee who lived in India for most of his life. He inspired me to become who I really am by making me aware that the essential is not in what I beleived then. Mostly, he taught me how to say no to what was not helping my soul to realize itself. And through this he introduced me to other important figures in the sacred text, including Radhe.


Also, the influence of my learning about the Patanjali Sutras helps me. Altough not much encouragement and not much advices about the path followed is given, I find myself 'doubtless' about my choices of jumping almost blindly toward the unknown.

Radhe, Radhe


Radhe, or Radha was Krishna's lover in the Hindou mythology. Her job was to bring butter and milk to Krisha as she lived among a cow's herd. She was 'Krishna's favourite and her constant spiritual companion. The mythology says that Radhe was the deity that granted all wishes.

 In French - Qui donc est cette déesse
Radhe, ou Radha était l'amante de Krisha dans la mythologie Hindouiste. Son métier de porteuse de lait et de beurre fit qu'elle devint la 'préféré de Krishna' et sa constante compagne spirituelle. Elle vivait avec les troupeaux de vaches a Vrindavan. Ont dit que cette déesse exauce tous les souhaits.

Best to all

Wishing you happiness


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