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Le Yoga est l'arrêt de l'activité automatique du mental

Mot à mot

  • yoga: le Yoga
  • chitta: conscience périphérique, mental
  • vritti: agitation, modification, perturbation
  • nirodha: arrêt, interruption


On retrouve plusieurs façons d'épeler: Yogashchittavrttinirodhah
L'auteur croit que ce n'est pas tout a fait exact cette façon, par exemple, d'épeler: vritti. Vritti devrait s'épeler ainsi: vrtti

In English

Most likely the yoga verse used and explained in North America's culture. With use of mudras, meditation, asanas, this verse can be translated as: By ceasing the mental, one attains yoga state.

About Vrttis

The Patanjali system says: When one practices yoga the mental agitation (Chp 1, verse 2) cease. Then, a bit later (Chp 1, verse 6) it is said the principal vrttis are accuracy (just), knowledge, error, imagination, sleep and memory.

Please note that wihout the dualist way of thinking (subject-object) our human conceptual knowledge (vrttyatmakajnana) would not be able to experience the state of samadhi. Therefiore, one must be at ease with the existence of mind fluctuations so that we can experiment immediate spiritual inspiration (prajna) and melt into citta leading to satchitananda ;-)


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